Raze 2

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Being the last survivor of the Raze fighting force you have to fight . You are still infected with zombie virus, but hopefully you can handle the task before being completely turned into a zombie.

Aliens are closer than we thought and they endanger the all humanity life.The bravest earthlings are invited to test their fighting abilities and try to save the world from alien invasion. The online game Raze 2 offers that possibility. So, arm yourself with a wide range of weapons, military equipment and skills to fight against the aliens and save mankind. You also can choose to fight as an alien in order to destroy the human race.

Compared to the old version, Raze 2 has a completely redesigned graphics, numerous weapons, special equipment, new abilities and upgrades, smarter enemies, and many other surprises!Raze 2 is a 3D game you’ll notice a lot of little details that will make the game seem more interesting. Raze Elite Force returns with new missions. Eliminate hostile forces and after each level buy upgrades.The game has 15 levels as humans and as alien.

Untitled-2Instructions Raze 2

To play the game, use both keyboard and mouse. Move with the arrow keys or W A S D buttons. Jump with SPACE key, place the target with the mouse and shoot with left click. Select weapons with the keys 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 , Q / E buttons or SHIFT / ENTER. For pause use Esc or P.

In this shooting game you have to eliminate enemies. It is an action game that will disconnect from daily stress and you will enter into a world where you are the hero. In this game you need a lot of skill and dexterity, you have to be fast and shoot as well. Try to aim for everyone and stay away from the bullets of your enemies in order not to lose too many lives. You will have to be strong and always ready to fight because you never know from where an enemy will shoot you. It will be a great adventure, full of action and shootings and you can play this game several times until you will manage to complete all levels of Raze 2.

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